Complete Dry Mortar Plant & Pendulum Mill

Dry Mortar Plant 

Group M1: Palletizing system
Group M2:
 Packing system, rotor packer.
Group M3: 
Mixing plant, dosing and mixer system 
Group M4: 
Silos raw material, additive bins and accessories
Group M5: 
Limestone size separation include bucket elevator and transport system to silos.
Group M6: 
Limestone receival and drying plant with surge storage and milling plant. 
Group M7: 
Compressed air system

OUR DESIGN: Limestone grinding plant (Sand Plant) with Pendulum mill

Pendulum mill 

Performance Advantages of Pendulum Mill Type

✓   Small Occupational Area, Structure and foundation optimization, saving costs for  construction work.
✓   Lower Energy Consumption, Higher economic profits.
✓   High Grinding Efficiency, Excellent precision of final products.
✓   Simple Operation, Wide Application Range, The electrical system of Pendulum Mill “PM” type adopts centralized control. the size of finished product can be adjusted particle size range.
   Easy to Installation Work.
   Common Spare Part, low maintenance cost.

Limestone grinding plant (Sand Plant)

  1. Pendulum Mills.
  2. Mill fans
  3. "FIMSUP” High Efficiency Dynamic Separator
  4. Bag filter.
  5. Transport system.
  6. Hot gas generator
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