Innovative Projects: C&M – Container Mobile Packing Plant

9 Containers    Ready to install !!

Plant Layout

The Container – Mobile packing.
  1. Unloading from truck.
  2. Storage yard.
  3. Unloading jumbo bag
  4. Complete the rotor packing plant.
  5. Truck loader and delivery.
  6. EE and control room.

Overview of Container Mobile Packing plant

Comparison between conventional method and mobile packing method

DescriptionConventional methodMobile packing method
Transportation from cement industryBulk, by bargeJumbo bag, 10 t/ bag
Unloading system from bargePneumatic transportCrane and truck
StorageSilo (concrete / steel)Storage yard or Warehouse
Dispatch from storageAeration system and transport system (air slide)Unloading system from jumbo bag
Packing plant (50kg./bag)In building In container
Truck loadingIn buildingIn container
Construction worksHighLow (90% pre-mounted)
The capexHighLow
Erection timeLongVery Short
Mobile plantCannot beCan and short time
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