FIMSUP product, Spare Parts, Supply and Logistic

Spare parts of Material Handling system

To transport various goods in a variety of industrial e.g. cement plant, sugar plant, power plant, etc.

  • Raw Coal Feeder - Dragged plate type feeder [self air lock]

Spare parts of Vertical Mill

  • High efficiency dynamic separator
  • Special Sealing Rocker Arm
  • Louver Ring Modification, improved capacity of mill

Spare parts of Preheater, Kiln & Cooler

  • Dip tube segment, Segment spare part
  • AFR Burner

Rotary Kiln 

  • Kiln inlet seal
  • Kiln Outlet seal
  • Kiln seal graphite Block
  • Support roller
  • Transmission gear
  • Kiln tyre
  • Truss roller



  • Fixed Inlet grate plate
  • Movable grate plate
  • Hammer crusher

AFR Handling equipment

  • Front loader / Surface feeder.
  • Side wall conveyor (Z-belt).
  • Conveyor belt No.1
  • Dosing / weigh feeder.
  • Conveyor belt No.2
  • Double flap and slide gate.

Another plant sections

  • Spare part for Roller Press

Raw material supply


Alkaline or Alumina

Fluorine - Additive

Clinkker and Cement

Cement Bag - Packaging

Alternative Fuel


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