Kiln Upgrade

Upgrade compare with build new line 

✓  Fast Return of Investment 
✓  Faster Execution 


 "FIMSUP" Calciner & Mixing chamber 

✓ High mixing efficiency with turbulent flow thanks to: Mixing chamber before calciner for Fuel, meal and Hot gases from TAD air duct. 
Utilization of lumpy fuels
✓ Utilization of fuels with extremely poor ignition and burning properties (e.g. LRC and petcoke, AFR, ...)
High velocity calciner
Gas retention time > 5 sec.
More stable kiln operation
Capacity increase up to 40%
For example: Upgrade capacity from 5,000 to 7,000 TPD
Mixing Chamber
Allow good mix between Fuel and raw meal

Suitable for heavy Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials (AFR) usage

    Rice husk
    Municipal solid waste
    Wood waste


Benefit of Preheater Upgrade

   Increase Capacity
✓   Increase TSR of AF
✓   To improve combustion, retention time.
✓   Reduce pressure drop and increase efficiency of top cyclone.
   Short shutdown time
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