Terminal & Packing plant & Silo

Cement Packing plant and Terminal
The project of 4 locations (Batam ,Balikpapan, Palembang , Mataram) the factory of Indonesia in 2010- 2012, Under our design.


Fast unloading Jetty port
Reduce expensive port changer
(increase discharge capacity ,Save costs for charter vessel and demurrage charge)
Small footprint
less space for expensive area near seaport
Aeration system
The aeration system is designed using concept of material discharge prevent dead stock inside silo.

Innovation of Steel Silo Erection

✓  Without any component parts fabricated at site, no more oxy-acetylene cutting, no more welding at all
✓  Assembled parts shall be delivered to site as knock down pattern, are ready to be erected/installed by bolts nut
  No any platform
✓  Several small lifting hydraulic jacks will be applied in erection instead of big mobile crane
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