"FIMSUP" Kiln Outlet Seal


FIMSUP PRODUCT "Double rows graphite sealing"


Categories : Spare parts of Kiln


Double rows graphite sealing for Rotary Kiln Outlet

✓ Reduce energy (power consumption)

  • To prevent cold air entry, kiln seal will reduces hot air released.
  • Self adjustment, Seal is always fitted with rotating part of kiln shell, nearly zero gap in between is always maintained.

✓ Reduce production losses

  • Kiln operation performance is improved. Kiln inlet / outlet pressure is always stabilized kiln operation would be steady in consequence.
  • Tolerance: Incase of accident (kiln runout), can be obtained

✓ Reduce production and downtime 

  • Less maintenance, service time and cost is optimized. No any complicated / heavy component, only small wear parts are replaced during kiln shut down.
  • Simple installation, It can be installed to every kiln size diameter.


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